Radek Kadela - company director

Ten years ago Radek was a freelancing programmer. Later he moved to sales and consultations in the e-commerce area. This enabled him to widen his horizons and obtain a complex knowledge in ICT, e-commerce and marketing.
A while ago he was working as a senior sales representative for the biggest Czech online stores producer NetDirect. After spending 8, 5 years there he decided it was time to move forward. Radek was succesful with clients due to his fair-play approach and an honest interest in the customer‘s needs. His aim was not to sell at any cost, but to find the most effective solution. The customers also appreciated Radek’s highly individual approach.
Throughout his career, he was personally responsible for more than 120 e-commerce projects such as solutions for Setos, eCentre, Lach-ner, Mitas, Nakladatelství C.H.Beck, Ton, Popron Média, Kulina, Best, HDT, Nutrend, Rubena, Secupack, Superdiskont or Tipa. Apart from sales, he was participating on the coordination, analyses implementation and on processing the outputs to form the project documentation and the contractual agreements.
Despite his tight schedule, Radek also manages to find spare time for sport. He plays football, badminton, volleyball and also tennis on a regular basis. He likes fast cars and driving on the winding roads. When there is enough time and budget, he likes travelling. He has a good sense of humour, brings a good mood and an important insight into the team.

Radek’s career

  • 1999 – 2003, self-employed, programmer, HW administration and servicing
  • 2003 – 2004, Monima s.r.o., Sales manager (Hardware & Software)
  • 2004 – 2005, Internet Service s.r.o., sales director (managing team of 10 people)
  • 2005 – 2013, NetDirect s.r.o., sales representative, independent senior consultant
  • 2013 up to now, Programia s.r.o., business associate, the managing and the company director

  • Radek Kadela

    Radek Kadela

    founder, company director

    I believe that the trust of customers and colleagues cannot be bought but must be carefully and systematically built day by day…

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    Pavel Kramný

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  • Zbyněk Šplýchal

    Zbyněk Šplýchal

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  • Petr Rzeplinski

    Petr Rzeplinski

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