Zbyněk Šplýchal - head solution architect

You can hardly find a person that achieved as much as Zbyněk; he was, for many years, the creator and the only man behind Alza.cz. Alza, formally Alzasoft, is the biggest on-line store on the Czech market with the revenue of several billions Czech crowns. Such stores are usually developed and serviced by tens of programmers. For many years, Zbyněk managed to do that on his own.
An interesting fact to mention is that Zbyněk used to be an engineer and was driving express trains across Europe. He started programming in his free time and he created his first commercial online store (Ambra) as early as in 1998. Later he joined Computer Press as a programmer and participated on many significant CMS projects (Česká pojišťovna – Czech insurance company for instance).
In spring 2002 he co-founded NetDirect, and brought with him the cornerstone of the company – his new online store engine called ShopEngine (later renamed to ShopCentrik), that has been used for building various types of online stores for many years since. Despite his short engagement with NetDirect, Zbyněk has left an important footprint and taught NetDirect the art of creating sophisticated stores. After creating the solution for Alzasoft, he decided to leave the company and cooperate with Alzasoft (presently Alza) on the full time basis.
Alza allowed Zbyněk to further develop his abilities in managing, developing and servicing application with extremely high load of visitors. He also mastered the system integration with ERP. It is very hard to find a person with experience similar to Zbyněk’s when it comes to the the extreme load stores territory. Other online store producers have usually problems coping with load that is even few notches down, especially during the peak hours.
He becomes the co-founder of Programia in 2013 and holds an important position as the head of the development team and the head architect. Analogically, he again brings his own software into the company, which is used for building our clients stores and is further developed. Zbyněk is the guarantee for the system high quality and also for maintaining important development principles.
Zbyněk enjoys good wine, food and holidaying in Croatia. He is also an enthusiastic gardener and an amateur diver :-)

Zbyněk’s career

  • 1998, first commercial store for Ambra
  • 2001 - 2002, Computer Press a.s. (later Cpress), programmer in the development department
  • 2002 – 2003, NetDirect s.r.o., business associate, managing director, programmer
  • 2002 – 2010, Alza.cz, programmer, SW architect, database specialist
  • 2011 – 2013, freelancing programmer, online store production for app. 20 customers
  • 2013 up to now, Programia s.r.o. – business associate, the head of development and the head architect, production of customized sophisticated B2C and B2B online stores, integration with book-keeping and ERP systems

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