The team consisting of Radek Kadela, Pavel Kramný, Zbyněk Šplýchal a Petr Rzeplinski offers the right combination of experience and skills, which, as a whole, are prerequisites for fulfilling the company’s vision and mission.


Our strongest motivation is the enjoyment we find in the work itself and in our mutual cooperation. We love programing, new technologies, and most of all we enjoy working with each other and creating top-notch solutions we can present to our customers. We are a team of enthusiasts and we love to see a complex system put to work to bring satisfaction and financial profit to our clients.

Our testimonials and experience

Every single team member has participated on creating tens or hundreds online stores in the Czech or Slovak Republic and even in Poland. Click on the names below to learn more about us.
  • Radek Kadela

    Radek Kadela

    founder, company director

    I believe that the trust of customers and colleagues cannot be bought but must be carefully and systematically built day by day…

  • Pavel Kramný

    Pavel Kramný

    founder, technical director

    Our customers deserve to get their money‘s worth - reliable partner, fast reactions, high-quality work and safe solutions…

  • Zbyněk Šplýchal

    Zbyněk Šplýchal

    founder, head of development

    Great store is not about the biggest number of functionalities, but about number of orders and returning customers…

  • Petr Rzeplinski

    Petr Rzeplinski

    founder, head of implementation

    I believe in team, teamwork, great product, quality without compromise and the ability to understand customer needs…

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