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ProgramiaShop is a full-featured application for selling your products online. The application is suitable for building B2C (for end-users) as well as B2B (for wholesalers) systems. It also includes easy-to-use CMS and could be used for building websites.
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How do we build an online store

Due to the high quality N-layered architecture ProgramiaShop is easily customizable in order to satisfy the customer’s requirements on design and functionalities. ProgramiaShop could be understood as a complex of existing functionalities, data structures and an initial online store appearance with administration for the merchant’s easy store management. Every store is produced after a careful consideration of the customer’s needs (as a result of an analysis), during which the graphic design, the modules and appearance customization is created in order to meet the client’s business and marketing expectations. The extra work and implementation of additional functionalities required by the client are part of the process.

Turn-key solution

We provide all e-commerce related services and support to our customers. That includes the application hosting, servicing during and after the warranty period and a guarantee of the service responses.


ProgramiaShop is, in the principle, a high-performance modular application, where each module is responsible for a specific operation while the modules communication is ensured via defined inputting/outputting interface.
Our tip: Sometimes even the most insignificant functionalities are called modules by other online stores producers. Don’t compare the number of modules, but the system abilities.
ProgramiaShop (Czech version) – administration (Back-end) preview 

Technology and architecture

The application is built on the newest technologies (.NET, MS SQL) with an up-to-date 4-layered architecture:
  • presentation layer
  • application layer
  • data layer
  • I/O communication layer

Communication with ERP systems

The store integration with ERP system is a regular part of creating the e-commerce solution. The aim is to integrate the two parts to create a seamless system with automatic data exchange (clients, orders and other transaction data, product and price information, etc.). ProgramiaShop offers high-secured ERP or book-keeping system, stock, logistic and CRM system integration via web services (API, XML Web services, by the usually preferred means) or it uses communication between remote databases (such as Linked servers).
Our tip: Don’t underestimate the importance of the store integration with ERP. You’ll soon find out how time demanding is to manage and copy orders manually. It becomes almost impossible when reaching hundreds of orders daily.

Communication with external applications

Our system can provide data for external online services or communicate with it. Communication with shipping companies, instalment plan providers, payment gates, price comparison sites are just among few examples.


ProgramiaShop is an up-to-date application optimized for heavy duty performance across the web, database and communication layers. It is proven by many years of operation and its development reflects the team expertise.

ProgramiaShop is multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-domain

The application architecture is built as multi-lingual so customers can run their stores and CMS in various languages. If the selected language variation has not yet been implemented, it is necessary to first prepare translation, import and visually test the content within the page context.
The system also supports multi-currency. It means that one language version (English for instance) can offer product prices in number of currencies (USD, AUD, GBP, etc.).
Multi-domain feature allows for managing several stores that run on different domains via one application. It could be used for building shopping malls, where each level runs on own domain or sub-domain. It can even consist of several stores with individual designs.

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